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App Builder

App Builder makes it easy to customize and extend the default user experience. With App Builder, you can add components to existing pages, or create brand new pages by assembling components. You can use three types of components in App Builder:

  1. Standard components are components like Chatter Feed, Filter List, and Report Chart available by default
  2. Custom components are components built by developers using the Lightning Component Framework
  3. AppExchange components are components built by the community or ISVs and available from the Salesforce AppExchange

Customizing the Record Home Page

In the DreamHouse sample application, you can customize the Property Home Page using several custom components:

  1. PropertyStatus provides a visual representation of the property status: Available, Under Agreement, etc
  2. PropertyMap shows the property location on a map
  3. PictureGallery allows you to scroll through pictures of the property

Watch the video below to see how to customize the Property Record Home Page using App Builder:

Creating New Pages

You can also use App Builder to create brand new pages. In the DreamHouse sample app, the Property Explorer page was created to provide brokers with a custom search experience, using a tile list and filters.

Watch the video below to see how to create new experiences like Property Explorer using App Builder:

All the components on the page are self contained. In fact they don’t even know about each other. Yet, they are able to communicate using Application Events. This makes App Builder and the underlying Lightning Component Framework a powerful application composition environment.

Source Code

The source code for the PictureStatus, PictureMap, PictureGallery, PropertyTileList, and PropertyFilters components is included in the DreamHouse unmanaged package.