DreamHouse is easy to install in your own org. Follow the instructions below:


  1. Create a new Developer Edition (Sign up here).

    Make sure you use a new Developer Edition org (using the Sign up link above). This version of DreamHouse uses features that are in Developer Preview. The package will not install in other org types. If you are using a Partner Developer Edition, make sure you enable Chatter before installing the package.

  2. Make sure you are using the Lightning Experience (default in new Developer Orgs).

  3. Enable My Domain:

    • In Setup, type Domain in the Quick Find box and click My Domain.

    • Enter a domain name and click Check Availability. If it’s already taken, try a different name.

    • Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox and click Register Domain.

    • After a few minutes, you’ll receive an email indicating that your domain name is ready. At that point, go back to My Domain, click the Log in button to login to your new domain, and click Deploy to Users.

    • Make sure the process diagram at the top of the screen indicates Step 4: Domain Deployed to Users as shown on the image below. The package installation will fail if the your domain is not in the Deployed to Users state.


  4. Click this link to install the DreamHouse unmanaged package into your org.

  5. Select Install for All Users. When prompted, make sure you grant access to the external sites (,, and

  6. Click the App Launcher button menu (upper left corner), and select the DreamHouse application.

  7. Click the Data Import tab, and click the Initialize Sample Data button (depending on your screen size, the Data Import tab may be under More in the tab control).

  8. Click the Properties tab, and browse properties to familiarize yourself with the data.

Upgrade Instructions

If you have used a previous version of DreamHouse, you can either install the latest version in a new org (follow the steps above), or follow the instructions below:

  1. In Setup, go to Process Builder and deactivate the four DreamHouse processes.

  2. In Setup, go to Installed Packages, and uninstall the DreamHouse package.

  3. Install the new package: follow the instructions above starting at step 4.

You are now ready to explore the different sections of this microsite and discover how to fully experience the DreamHouse application.